After School

5-11 Years

Our school-age program for kindergarten and elementary students gives students an opportunity to shine! They experience how amazing learning can be with our wide range of activities, hands-on projects, and labs.

Proven Curriculum

Our curriculum is well-balanced and gives children the opportunity to learn and explore a variety of different subjects, including art, science, languages, mathematics, theater, and much more. Variety is key to creating an agile mind and children get plenty of opportunities to flex their mental muscles in different ways.

Experienced and Passionate Teachers

We have some of the most qualified kindergarten and elementary teachers around. Their experience and passion enable them to guide children on an educational journey that inspires and motivates young minds.

Beautiful Campus

Our classrooms give children a space where they want to be and our safe, outdoor areas are excellent for active play and learning. We believe one’s environment is crucial to learning and we ensure children are inspired by their surroundings.