Ages 1-2 Years

Toddlers have an abundance of curiosity and energy, which our program is designed to meet. Our experienced staff understands how to guide children at this stage so that they develop intellectually, socially, and physically in a safe and secure setting.

Building Young Minds

A toddler’s mind is eager to explore and learn, and we provide opportunities for them to flex their brain muscles in ways that are fun and beneficial. Through a variety of organized activities, lessons, and supervised free time to let their imagination soar, our toddlers excel because they are indulging their natural curiosity.

Developing Strong Bodies

The toddler stage is crucial for developing motor skills. Physical activity is a core part of our curriculum, and our experienced teachers provide a safe environment for children to develop.

Forming Social Connections

At this young age, building social skills is a crucial part of the development process. We provide children with guided group activities so they learn how to work together and play together, forming new friendships as they develop their social-emotional skills.