Early Preschool

Ages 2-3 Years

Our early preschool program provides children with a joyful learning experience where they begin to grow into their selves. By helping children develop in key areas, they learn independence, cooperation, physical skills, and more. For many children, this is their first classroom experience, and we strive to make it a special one.

Language Development

Developing language skills is a crucial part of early childhood education and we place emphasis on this area. With small classrooms and individualized lesson plans, we ensure that children develop their linguistic abilities.

Cognitive Development

We make learning fun and enjoyable so that children are incentivized to be active participants in their education. This helps children build their cognitive skills as they develop a love for learning.

Physical Development

Active play is an essential part of our curriculum and we prioritize safety. Children engage in a variety of fun activities that enhance their gross and fine motor skills. We make sure children have a good time so that they associate physical activity with fun and develop stronger, more capable bodies.

Social-Emotional Development

During the toddler stage, positive social and emotional development is crucial. Our staff members are professionally trained to care for children at this stage. We utilize a variety of activities for children to practice these skills and develop good habits that will benefit them for life.