Health and Wellness

All Natural and Organic Food Offerings

Farmer Fields All Natural/Organic Cafeteria is peanut-free and offers vegetarian options for optimal health.

Whether it’s time for a healthy snack or a complete lunch, our on-site chef prepares delicious, nutritious, peanut-free, child-friendly meals featuring a variety of fresh fruits and veggies. In addition, a daily vegetarian option is always available.


Our ESA “Nacho” Average Dog And School Nurse Bring Smiles

We are proud to be one of the only schools that has both an on-site ESA (Emotional Support Animal) and School Nurse! These two amazing features truly set us apart. Our emotional support dog “Nacho” is beloved by both the kids and parents alike. Nacho plays an intricate role at our school and makes a dramatic difference in the physical independence and emotional well-being of our children. Not only is he a friendly companion, he provides stress relief, guidance and comfort to your child. In addition, our Mother Nature’s Nursing Nook offers a warm, cozy, private space for our school nurse to give children attention and care.