Enriched Learning Environments

Specialty Areas With Classroom Rotation

Studies show little minds are stimulated in 30-minute intervals. Keeping their attention and engaging interest are key elements for developing both problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Because of this, we created classrooms and specialty areas to allow rotational learning. Our students rotate through multiple learning environments throughout the day with hands-on, process-oriented activities. This rotation ensures daily exposure to stimulate their natural inclinations and helps evolve growing interests.


Under-The-Sea Library And Computer Lab Develops Tech Skills

Develop computer skills on Apple computers in a magical library filled with an extended collection of children’s literature, games and a 300-gallon fish tank.

Rainbow's End Art And Animal Science Studio Promotes Expression

Combine art and nature for exceptional hands-on learning! Nurture artistic talents with painting, drawing and sculpture, and learn firsthand how to care for exotic pets from around the world.


A Shooting Star Movie Theatre, Dance Studio And Drama Stage They Love

Bring educational programs to life on a big screen movie projector. Here your little star can explore their expressive talents on a drama and dance stage complete with costumes and props. 

Outer Space Themed Indoor Playground And Lunar Moon Sand Corner Sparks Imagination

Nestled at the center of the school is a fantasy space playground for those days when Mother Nature just won’t cooperate, featuring an amazing indoor sandbox for digging and play.