Faculty and Staff


Stephanie Lampi

School Leader

Hello All, I am originally from California but moved to Texas in high school. After high school, I decided to pursue my first interest and received my bachelor’s in business. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to meet new people and experience new cultures throughout the United States and across the world. While living in Japan, I had the chance to work at an elementary school, and that is where my interest of changing the lives of children began. After having my son, it helped me realize the unique role a caregiver plays in a child’s life. When I moved back to Texas, in 2016 I joined the Bright Star Team to be alongside my son’s early childhood education. I have had the opportunity to work as a flex teacher in every room throughout Bright Star and to be a part of our School Age team for 2 years. The more time I spent with all the children and building connections with them, it encouraged me to do more. I decided to go back to school to obtain my master’s in education. I feel these experiences have helped prepare me for the role as School Leader, and I am excited to continue to grow and flourish alongside the children.

Where I Am From: Orange, California

My Why: I know it sounds cliché, but I truly love children. There are so many children in the world and if I could make a difference in just one of their lives, I will have done my job. Creating a safe place for children to play, learn, and grow is something I know I will always be passionate about. My goal is to continue to develop my skills and education in this field. As a picky mom who took finding the right place for my own child very seriously, I am dedicated to partnering with parents throughout our school to ensure we are providing the best possible care and teaching. At the end of the day, I want our families to have a sense of trust in our program.

Where I’m Going: I hope to someday be the principal of an elementary school!


Stacy Hale

Assistant School Leader

Hello Bright Star Families! As a member of the Bright Star team since 2010, I have had the privilege of watching this program grow and evolve into an amazing school. In 2006, I graduated from the University of Texas with a B.A. Degree in Public Relations and Communications and a minor in Business. After teaching Preschool and Pre-K for over five years, I was eager to continue growing as an educator and in 2015 I took on the role of Staff Coordinator, and Administrative Assistant. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to be hands-on in every classroom and work individually with the teachers. I am grateful for the fun learning opportunities both my daughter and son have had while enrolled in the program and I look forward to making your child’s Bright Star experience both fun and educational!

Where I Am From: Cedar Park, Texas

My Why: I want to unify and maintain a passionate, eager-to-learn and diverse staff. To motivate and encourage staff to remember WHY they are ultimately in this field and provide the tools and support for them to be successful. One of my biggest advantages of being a successful mentor and leader, is having taught in the classroom for several years. I want to continue to be relatable and easy for others to communicate with openly. I feel most successful when others trust me, confide in me, and look to me for guidance and honesty.

Where I’m Going: I hope to someday pursue my love of photography on a professional level!

Administrative Assistant